Ionic Strength Adjusters

Includes the 18 ionic strength adjusters.

• For keeping a constant background ionic strength and adjusting the pH of sample
• Packaging dimensions 190 × 65(Ø) mm, 500 grams per bottle

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Ammonium (NH₄⁺)

480 mL    


Bromide (Brˉ)

480 mL    


Cadmium (Cd²⁺)

480 mL    


Calcium (Ca²⁺)

480 mL    


Chloride (Clˉ)

480 mL    


Cupric (Cu²⁺)

480 mL    


Cyanide (CNˉ)

480 mL    


Fluoride (Fˉ)

480 mL    


Iodide (Iˉ)

480 mL    


Lead (Pb²⁺)

480 mL    


Nitrate (NO₃ˉ)

480 mL    


Potassium (K⁺)

480 mL    


Silver (Ag⁺)

480 mL    


Sodium (Na⁺)

480 mL    


Ammonia (NH₃)

480 mL    


Water hardness

480 mL    

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